Our quality policy

1st business advisory firm certified ISO 9001 in its field

Our quality policy is to satisfy and meet our current and potential customers throughout diversification and integration of our expertise to be able to support our country’s development and opening in its regional and international environment.

Indeed, our aim to maintain our position among the first audit and consulting firms in Morocco is strengthened by a long-term vision targeting the development of our international experience in the "business advisory’’ field. To achieve this, controlling and improving of our services quality management is a priority and an essential course to conquer new deserving markets.

In this context, we have developed our skills around a quality approach that was crowned by obtaining the ISO 9001 certification version of 2008 for all our activities. We do not consider obtaining this certificate as an end in itself, but our main concern is to improve continuously our services so as to gain our customers ‘confidence.

This ambitious improvement approach is structured around the following areas of improvement:

Greater customer satisfaction by meeting our commitments, active listening to their needs and providing them with relevant solutions adapted to their needs in terms of capacity building.

Optimize and improve our performance and productivity by controlling and efficient steering time of our interventions and capitalization of our experiences by identifying and formalizing best practices and enriching our knowledge through the opening and creating a national and international network of expertise.

Our commitment is rooted in the values ​​in which we believe. It is amplified by responsibility created by trust and respect by our customers toward us.