Our human capital

Our team

Our team comprises professionals in audit, finances, tax & legal advisory, studies and consulting. They quickly adapt themselves to their working environment and to the context of the mission, whatever the duration and the complexity of tasks are.
Our current human capital is made up of over thirty collaborators forming a perfect symbiosis based on professionalism, integrity and seriousness.
Cabinet AISSE’s team is divided in four business lines including a support unit :

The distribution of our team

Expertise and Audit Unit

  • 1 Expertise and Auditing unit Manager
  • 4 Auditors
  • 6 Accountants Consultants

Legal Advisory Unit

  • 1 Legal Advisory unit Manager
  • 2 Legal Consultants

Studies and Consulting Unit

  • 1 Studies and Consulting unit Manager
  • 8 Consultants
  • A network of co-contractors specialised in particular fields

Training and Communication Unit

  • 1 Training and Communication unit Manager
  • 1 Training Officer
  • A network of co-contractors trainers

Supporting Unit

  • 1 Support unit Manager
  • 1 Quality and Internal Control Manager
  • 1 Marketing and Communication Manager
  • 1 Information System Administrator
  • 1 Billing and Collection Officer
  • 1 Order office and document management Officer
  • 1 Executive Assistant
  • 1 Administrative Officer